CC tech® is a Calcium Chloride developed to fit a large range of technical applications

Produced in several countries CC tech® finds its place in many technical processes. Water treatments, oil-drilling, concrete setting, pulp and paper, and humidity absorption are some of the many applications where it is consumed.

Key reasons for choosing CC tech®:

  • Stable quality Calcium Chloride
  • Widely used today in many technical processes
  • Robust logistics – worldwide
  • High availability thanks to several production plants
  • Supplied for over 30 years
  • Produced by TETRA Chemicals, the leading Calcium Chloride producer

CC tech® is a calcium salt that will provide ions of Ca2+ and Cl in a controlled and measurable way. As a solid, CC tech® is hygroscopic (absorbs water) but also exothermic (releases heat) when it comes in contact with water. These properties allows it to be used in many technical applications. It is highly soluble and can easily be mixed with other liquids. It is available both in solid form as white flakes, and in liquid form as a transparent solution.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?

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